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Your One-Stop Shop for CCTV Services in Battersea

Whether you’re already enjoying the increased security offered by closed circuit TV, or just starting to explore the benefits of electronic surveillance, give us a call. Clide's Locksmiths provides CCTV services in Battersea suited to every property type and budget.

Defining What You Need from Close Circuit Television

When you’re considering installing CCTV your Clide's Locksmiths technician will take time to understand your priorities. Some of the benefits you’re looking for may include:

  • Providing a visible deterrent that will encourage would-be thieves or vandals to find an easier target
  • Discouraging loitering in shop doorways or other locations close to your property
  • Making dark or isolated alleys or car parks safer for residents or employees
  • Monitoring for crowd control purposes at busy public places or events
  • Discouraging shoplifting or pilfering and producing images sharp enough to aid prosecution
  • Being able to monitor your property remotely via the internet

Getting the Right System Fitted

Once you’ve decided what you need your CCTV to do, selecting the right system is much easier. You may need:

  • A couple of inexpensive and easy-to-spot cameras, and some warning signs to deter those with malicious intent
  • Infra-red or other cameras that offer good night vision
  • Cameras with zoom or swivel capacity
  • High definition cameras that produce images clear enough to be used as criminal evidence
  • Wireless units that can be integrated with your laptop or computer for viewing from anywhere in the world

Specialists in CCTV, at your service:

From selecting your system and getting it fitted, and then on to all your maintenance or repair needs, everything is covered. Using specialists in this technology guarantees you’ll pay a fair price for a system that does the right job.

A Top Choice for CCTV Systems

  • Your work is completed by fully insured and reference-vetted specialists and is covered by guarantee
  • Technicians working on CCTV stay current with new developments so you get maximum choice
  • Emergency repairs and maintenance are available even on systems not fitted by us
  • Any products supplied will be covered by a comprehensive guarantee

Get an Estimate for Your Work

  • Call us anytime to find out more about our CCTV services in Battersea
  • Use the same contact number for quotes on repairs, ongoing maintenance or new installations
  • Book a site survey if you need advice on choosing the right system