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Get Broken Key Removal in Battersea Without Breaking the Lock

Broken key removal in Battersea is only the start of this Clide's Locksmiths service. Call for a technician to get the key out, the door open, and any other work that’s required to make sure that your property’s secure and you have easy access to it.

All Kinds of Keys Extracted and Replaced

Request an emergency service and your Clide's Locksmiths assistant will be with you in around 30 minutes. Call us when:

  • Your front door key has broken as you turned the lock
  • Your car key has snapped in the ignition
  • A safe key has broken or won’t turn the locking mechanism
  • Filing cupboard keys get stuck or break
  • ServicesĀ are also available for broken window or patio door keys

What Your Locksmith Will Do

Getting the key out is the first stage. Whenever possible this will be done without causing damage to the lock. Typically the steps taken are something like this:

  • Your locksmith will arrive, select a suitable tool and remove the broken key
  • Once the door or locked item has been opened, the lock mechanism itself is examined to see if it’s faulty
  • If there is a fault it will be repaired if possible
  • Replacement keys are cut if needed

When the lock it is faulty:

  • If a fault in the lock caused the breakage and it’s not possible to return it to a secure and reliable condition your technician will advise you on this.
  • Our mobile locksmiths travel with a range of spares, so in many cases if you’d like the lock replaced, it can be done there and then

Broken Key Removal and Personal Safely

  • If waiting outside your property for your locksmith is unsafe or uncomfortable arrange a nearby safe meeting place
  • Your assistant will arrive in a branded vehicle and will be wearing an easily identifiable uniform
  • You have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the person who attends you is a DBS-vetted individual
  • Your service is fully guaranteed

Get Quotes for an Emergency or Planned Service

  • Use a single number to request a 24/7 fast response service to get you into your home, or a planned one to get access to a locked cupboard
  • You’ll get an immediate quote
  • Planned services are available seven days a week