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Simplify Your Security with Access Control in Battersea

Staying on top of who can enter a busy multi-occupancy building can get very complicated. There’s a simple solution -call Clide's Locksmiths and arrange to get an access control system installed in your Battersea property.

How Keyless Security Will Benefit You

Access control makes it easy to manage the flow of people into a building. Your Clide's Locksmiths technician will help you find the right system for your needs, which could include:

  • Dispensing with keys, so there’s no need to worry about them getting lost or stolen
  • Allowing different people access to different areas within a large complex
  • Making it possible for occupants of a large building to let visitors in without having to come to the front door
  • Withdrawing the right of access to residents who’ve moved out or employees who’ve moved on
  • Controlling the times when entry is permitted

Installing Your System

Once you’ve decided on how you need your access control to function, it’s simply a case of arranging a time to fit one of the following or something similar:

A door entry system – Occupants are alerted when a visitor presses a buzzer. A phone or video check before releasing the catch is an optional extra.

Push button code pads – There could be one code for all, or different individuals can have their own. Pads can be reprogrammed at need.

Biometric systems – Fingerprint control or similar when you need higher levels of security

As well as initial installation we also offer:

  • Maintenance – Of systems installed by us, or your existing one
  • Repairs – And in an emergency, a technician will be with you in around 30 minutes

Getting Quality and Value in Your Access Control System

  • All work is completed by qualified locksmiths with special expertise in access control
  • Your technician will help you select a new system that meets your requirements and your budget too
  • Any products supplied will be fully guaranteed
  • The work required to install your system is completed under guarantee too

Quotes, Bookings or Just More Information

  • Whatever you need you always use the same contact point to get in touch
  • Our support line is always staffed and customer support assistants are both knowledgeable and helpful
  • You’ll get an immediate initial quote for access control in Battersea
  • Book a fast response service whenever you need it, or survey and advice sessions during weekdays or at weekends